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Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Mason Vitamins company asserts that with a help of the extract of Garcinia your body is able to speed up the metabolism almost twice and simultaneously reduce the volume of absorbed of fat from food.
Experiments on animals have shown that mass of a body is reduced even in specimens whose obesity is pathologic by origin because of damaged hypothalamus or hereditary diseases. But, the results are likely related with suppression of a hunger and metabolism is not speeded up.
Also, those scientists presented the outcome of a research directed on volunteers ? in the test group 80% of the examined people have lost their weight. In average, with no diet or any physical activity, the examined person in group have lost 2 kg of the weight during 2 months. So if you want to get rid of extra weight quickly, you will have to combine taking Garcinia with special diet prescribed by specialist.
From the Internet users, Garcinia Cambogia receives positive reviews mostly. The girls say that while taking drugs based on extract of Garcinia they really decrease appetite and the weight gradually disappears.

Here are the reviews we’ve got from girs:

Melissa Lane:

“I started eating less, I could not eat up my usual portion (my meal portion decreased by about a quarter). Even more, I lost rumbling in the stomach before lunch and dinner. Also I ate less snacks, so in general my ration has decreased almost by half in volume.”

Julia Ferber:

“With a help of Garcinia I lost 6kg in 2 months. I used to take Garcinia Extract. In addition to supplements I followed the minimum nutritional recommendations. ”

But there were those for whom Garcinia Cambodia was not a fat burner but only money burner . Their weight after a course of treatment has not changed.

Alma Huber:

“At first, out of desperation, I grabbed at everything, including these pills Garcinia. I was taking them diligently adhering to the instructions. No effect. My weight has remained at XXXL size. ”

Among the negative reviews there are some about the fact that after the abolition of receiving Garcinia the appetite returns to its former power and it is more difficult control it.

Magda Nikolenski:

“After the abolition of Garcinia a brutal appetite was back, I was eating all and a lot! Hence the conclusion that I made nothing but only wasted my money !!! ”

But, Dr Mehmet Oz has an explanation for those negative consequences. He says it is not enough just to take whatever supplement, you must combine that with prescribed diets, correct exercises, enogh activities, special attitude to your lifestyle and health.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, one of the best specialists in the field of health, who has created five golden rules that must be followed by anyone who wants to loose weight, even while taking Garcinia.
Dr. Oz believes that these rules are very important in the process of losing weight with the help of Garcinia or any other supplement. The abidance of the rules will help you quickly lose weight and keep the weight achieved over a long period of time.

Rule #1: necessarily grab a snack just before dinner

Scientists have found that hunger appears due to a hormone called ghrelin which is produced by the digestive system. Since the beginning of the moment when you start to eat, wait at least 30 minutes before the level of this hormone begins to decline. That is why during the meal it is not recommended to chew and swallow food quickly, but you should do that easy and measuredly.
It is also very helpful before you begin the evening meal (about half an hour before dinner), to have a snack in order to muffle appetite and not to gang up on food. That will make you eat less while dinner time than usually and reduce the general amount of calories which you get during the day.

Rule #2: do not drink juice during meals

A hormone called leptin sends a signal to your brain that you are full, at the very moment when the body accumulates enough energy from food. However, if you drink juice during meals, the body begins to function in the opposite way. Fructose – is an organic compound of the class of sugars, soft drinks contain it in a large amount. When fructose appears in stomach together with the other products, the receipt of a signal of saturation to the brain is interrupted, so as a result, you do not realize that you are already fed and continue eating, at the same time obtaining more and more calories.

Rule #3: eat more foods containing fiber

Fiber or coarse dietary fiber accelerates the bowel and helps to keep a sense of satiety for a long period of time.
Dr. Oz recommends eating foods rich in fiber in the morning for breakfast.

Rule #4: it is important not only WHAT you eat but HOW you eat also

During the meal is not recommended to do anything else except the process of taking food, otherwise your attention will be directed to other activities and you will not pay the desired attention to amount of eaten food. In addition, you should know that eating on the go or during any other inappropriate situation can have very bad effect on your figure. Consequently, the best solution – is eating at the table, sitting on a chair, holding a straight back, but not on the couch watching TV.

Rule #5: do not forget about sports

Building muscle mass would be beneficial for your figure. And, besides, if you go in for sports – you protect your health from such danger as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Hence it is better to go in for sport every day (or at least 2-3 times a week) for at least 30 minutes, but watch out – keep moderation in all things.

So after that, here are some other reviews.

Helga, 31 years old tells she had to prepare for a trip to the sea in advance.

The thing that bothered me in particular – was my little extra weight. I began to eat right and do aerobics, but the results were ridiculous. And when only little time was left I have decided to take on the Japanese diet. Refusing from salt and sugar for me was not really a problem, since I always liked to add a little salt in food or not to add sugar at all. So, I got used very fast, but at first the taste was a bit non-ordinary. I do not drink alcohol or eat floured food. The only downside was the coffee, since I do not drink it, but it is in the diet. And I took Garcinia Cambogia by instruction. I overcame all 14 days without problems and kicked off 7.5 kg. It all happened gradually so the weight was not gained. Diet definitely suits me, so I will be occasionally using it to freshen myself up.

Lily, 23 years old.

My story is usual for many women. After giving birth, I’ve got overweight, plus 15kg! I couldn’t afford any strict diet as I was breast-feeding for a long time and then there was no time for sport club as I was looking after my kid. My friend told me about magic product ?Garcinia Cambogia? based on Garcinia extract, I’ve looked through its content and decided to try. Surely, I didn’t wait for a fast result. But to my great excitement, I lost 2kg in a week and a half. That happened even without any changes in my lifestyle or my ration. At least, the amount of eaten portions reduced due to decreased appetite and no feelings of hunger in the late evening. Now it has been 2 month since I’ve started taking Garcinia and my result is minus 6 kg. I feel I can get rid of more kilograms if I start exercising!